Having loyally served both local and international customers for practically 4 decades as a part of SAHA
Group, Thanulux feels ecstatic to launch its first online shopping experience. Once a pioneer in developing leather goods market and now one of the leading manufacturers in Thailand, we are more than ready to rockthe it’s-all-
about-the-internet era by offering our fun-loving, fashion-forward, and energetic girls their favorite bags through
a sophisticated yet simple cloud gateway. When nearly everything in today society changes at a wink of an eye,
the belief of DAZZ sets itself apart from other brands: distinct combination of fashion and exceptional quality for
various occasions at attractive values.

The origin of DAZZ was inspired by the current gloomy climate all around the world. As a part of the nation, we feel obliged as if it is our duty to brighten up the society’s mood. Products of DAZZ are carefully designed and craftily produced with materials unexpected to be incorporated together. Every single piece of DAZZ has its initial development at leather tanneries. Both types of leathers and shades of colors are specially handpicked. Assembly- wise, it has been widely known that Thanulux’s craftsmanship is not to be beaten by any other leather goods manufacturers in Thailand. Putting it all together: specially developed raw materials,exceptional craftsmanship, and vividly dazzling designs–DAZZ is more than ready to become one of you girls’ most often grabbed items.