Elizabeth Bucket
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Elizabeth Bucket her bag ready in every situation. Every time you get to touch the bag. To feel spongy and soft leather furnishings. Durable and easy to clean This bag is unique in its use. The second change was made with a short hand strap using a chain with hundreds of movies. Shoulder and side of the leather. To adjust the height or the two sides will use the two together, it's a beautiful view. The shoes, bags There are four support pins to prevent the pocket of her leather lines are easy on the input of a wide variety. There are two zippered compartments with two mobile channel so Elizabeth Bucket Bag is available for every situation. Can be used in everyday life fun. Or to change your look To look stylish, not too light ^^. The identity of DAZZ a detail of a corner pocket triangle from it's small world (geometric shapes), which is the origin of the band. This characteristic makes her a unique view on the carrying and use extremely easy. The day with a trip Weekday and it looks very good ^^.

  • 100% genuine leather
  • Size: 6 "W (width) x 8" L (length) x 9 "H (high).
  • Strap 22 "/ sash short 9".
  • Weight: 0.5 kg
  • You can have two lines with a short strap and hand-held use. Or side bag
  • Side pockets are zipped. And cell slot 2 slot.
  • A chain of movie Material bottom bags decorated metallic light gold.
  • The second level is adjusted on each side.
  • To pull the lining out. Easy to clean and comfortable.
  • Bag can be cleaned easily. Only use a cloth dampened with warm water and wipe gently.
  • 100% polyester fabric Faille