• Where can I purchase a DAZZ item?
  • Tada! Here it is! Our products are exclusively sold online and through only. Sales through Facebook or Instagram are not available, as of now. However, if you feel more comfortable navigating the products on Facebook, we have provided you the links to specific products to the website. So, there should not be any difficulty. ;)

  • How do I pay for a DAZZ item?
  • We offer 3 different payment methods we thought would be best to accommodate your convenience. We accept credit cards, money transfer, and payment over the counter. More details can be found on PAYMENT METHOD.

  • Do I need to be a member to make an order?
  • Well, yes. The process is super simple. You just need to sign up by typing in your basic information. Once you have received a confirmation email, you are entitled to log in again to place an order. Joining our membership grants you an opportunity to save time in your next orders, and allows you to regularly receive promotion news and any other updates from us.


  • Can I cancel my order?
  • If you pay via credit card, you cannot cancel your order. However, if either money transfer or payment over the counter is your payment of choice, your order will be automatically canceled if no payment is made within 48 hours. Since our products are produced in a limited number, we reserve the right to accommodate every customer equally. :)

  • What do I do if I receive a defected/wrong item?
  • We take great pride in our belief for aesthetics and quality. It is our priority that you are satisfied with your purchase. Unfortunately, if we deliver you a wrong product or a defected (AKA imperfect) piece, we will take full responsibility by exchanging youa new identical one. In other words, a product is exchangeable only if it is delivered to you imperfect or it is not what you ordered.

  • How do you classify “imperfection”?
  • We classify “imperfection” as those items with broken/scratched piece(s) of hardware, defected leather, and/or sewing problems, though we try our best to watch out for those. Some might slip through along the process. A claimed item must be in its original condition.

  • How do I exchange a product?
  • Within 7 days after delivery, please follow the steps down below if you wish to exchange a product.
             Call our customer service at 02-295-0911-9 ext. 351 and inform us of your problem.
             Email CUSTOMERSERVICE@DAZZBAGS.COM your request, so that both of us have written records. Describe the
               incident and attach the pictures of the problematic piece/area.
             Wait for our confirmation.
             Exchange options:
                      Pick-up appointment

  • What is the shipping courier DAZZ uses?
  • Our products are exclusively mailed via EMS only.

  • What is the delivery time?
  • It should take no longer than 4 working days for a package to be delivered.

  • Do you ship overseas?
  • As of now, we don’t.


  • How was DAZZ originated?
  • The full brand story can be found on ABOUT DAZZ. But, to be precise, the brand was inspired by the society’s gloominess
    and our wish to cheer everyone up.

  • Does DAZZ have a physical store?
  • As of now, we don’t.

    If you still have any further questions, please feel free to contact us via
    CUSTOMERSERVICE@DAZZBAGS.COM or 02-295-0911 ext. 351.